About the Facilitator - Jen Serra Shean

I have participated in rites of passage ceremonies for women and found them incredibly important in my growth as a woman and person. After passing through a menarche ritual with other women much later in life than I had had my first menstrual period, I was amazed that I was still processing the ceremony for an entire year later. I found that it sprung forth in me a well of issues about my sexuality, independence from my parents, and future pregnancies. I had a much greater appreciation for my role in society as a strong rock of collective female knowledge, as well as a giver of life and creativity. After being given a mother blessingway from my dearest friends, I felt strong and supported to carry on my work of pregnancy and more prepared to give birth as I passed through the rite of passage to motherhood.

I would like to share these experiences with other women and girls.

For more information about me, visit my blogs:
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