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Women's Rites does not have any future events scheduled, as the maiden-mother-crone rites series was made possible through grant funding.  

For current events in the Kentuckiana area, please head over to Wild Wisdom Keepers website.

In Washington state, I encourage you to attend the Women's Summer Solstice for an amazing experience that includes a component of women's rites of passage.

Or better yet, start your own rite of passage, for yourself, a loved one, or the community.  Make it your own with meaningful acts and words that suit your faith, and honor the life transitions you are celebrating.  It doesn't have to be big, just meaningful to you!    

For boys'/men's, rites of passage, I have been following Boys Mentorship Collaborative on Facebook.

Girlhood to Womanhood Empowerment Retreat May 14, 2011

Do you have a daughter that you'd like to celebrate and support
as she makes her way into womanhood? 

Then, this is for her. 
Women’s Rites Kentucky announces a Young Women's Rite of Passage Empowerment Retreat

FREE for 5th grade girls and up
(Funded by Kentucky Foundation for Women)
Through storytelling, sharing, and art, we’ll empower the time of intense changes that young women experience.   See photos of last year's retreat below

Participating girls will be accompanied by their mother or support woman.

Registration Required      Transportation Available Upon Request.
May 14, 2011   10am-5pm   Black Acre Nature Preserve    Louisville, Ky.

E-mail:  or Call: (502) 432-6324 to inquire or register.  
Want more information?  Read on. . .
Girls in the 5th grade and older who have begun to show physical signs of puberty in the past few years are invited to attend the Young Women's Rite of Passage Retreat.  We will celebrate this time of intense physical and emotional changes for them in a special way. Young women are invited to come with their mothers, grandmothers, or support person(s). These are the thundering years for young women and they should be supported as they explore what it means to find their way.  Adult women who never had this sacred transition honored in their youth are also welcome to attend as maidens.  Support persons are available for those who need them. 

Let's help create a culture where a girl excitedly tells her mother that her time has come, and her mother gathers older women in the community to pass on some of their knowledge to her to celebrate this event through creativity and sisterhood.

The retreat will include pampering, sharing, spoken word performances, red tent sharing of biological information, art projects (soul collages), celebration, and two shared meals.

The best part of all?  It's FREE, thanks to a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. 

Interested in participating or want more information? E-mail or call Jen at (502) 432-6324

Volunteers Needed - Yes YOU!

Volunteers needed for Maiden Ceremony on May 14, 2011! Get involved: pampering, hand drummer for spoken word; spoken word performers; food server, red tent hostess, food preparation, "red cab" drivers to drive participants without transportation to and from the event, crafters to make medicine pouches necklaces ahead of the event (supplies provided).

Maiden Rite of Passage - Feb. 20th, 2010

Mothers, aunts, and grandmothers shower their girls with pampering (dyeing hands red with beets, cornmeal footscrub, massage, hair braiding, etc.)

Then, all gather in the red tent for the Grandmothers Story Song.

The power of story is felt by women and girls alike.

A meditation grounds all.

A handmade red medicine pouch necklace is gifted to each girl.

Women's wisdom is shared in circle.

The Charge of the Four Directions is spoken to the girls, and tokens are given to the girls for medicine pouches.

Girls do an art project in silence, while sponsors write a letter to their girls.

Mothers call the full name of each girl to walk under the red bridge.

Sponsors cut of a tiny braid of hair to signify the end of girlhood, and young women receive their medicine pouch necklace and a rose as they begin their journeys.

Everyone celebrates with a meal and red velvet cake. Welcome to womanhood, young maidens!

Grown Women May Attend Young Women's Rite of Passage May 14, 2011

Are you an adult woman who never had your first menstruation honored during girlhood? Do you have a need for emotional healing around womb issues? The May 14, 2011 Maiden Rite of Passage Ceremony is not only open to young girls, but also adult women who wish to honor their transition into womanhood, albeit later in life.

My girlhood experience of menarche was a positive one, supported by my loving and amazing mother. Like most American girls, I did not have it marked by a community-supported Rite of Passage. It was more of a footnote on the way to junior high. However, as an adult, I finally honored that transition in a more formal way.  I went through a Maiden Ceremony alongside 6th graders and gray-haired old grandmothers, all of us young girls on that day. I was amazed that I was still processing the ceremony for an entire year later. I found that it sprung forth in me a well of issues about my sexuality, independence from my parents, and future pregnancies. I had a much greater appreciation for my role in society as a strong rock of collective female knowledge, as well as a giver of life and creativity. It was an incredibly moving experience for me and I am thrilled to have a chance to pass some part of that on, on May 14th, 2011.

If you are a girl or woman who would like to celebrate the transition from girlhood into maidenhood, please e-mail or call Jen at (502) 432-6324.

Wise Woman, Croning Retreat: Celebrating the Elder Woman May 8, 2010

The Wise Woman retreat honored the passage of women age 56 or older into the third stage of womanhood. Women who had passed through menopause (or hysterectomy) and are now holding their power within, had the opportunity to personally reclaim the once-honored designation of crone, by celebrating their transition into wise womanhood. During this retreat, participants used their inner guidance and those of their peers to guide their journey of this rite of passage.

My spunky 90-year old grandmother shared with me that it wasn't until her last phase of life, after 50 years of marriage, raising five children and numerous grandchildren, that she felt like she found her life's purpose in teaching adult classes. This retreat hoped to encourage others to share their wisdom.

The retreat included: socializing, Grandmother's Story Song performance, Wise Woman Sharing Circle, a labyrinth meditation walk, creation of grandmothers flags, walking the bridge to wise womanhood, and a celebratory meal.
Mama Blessingway RetreatSupport and Empowerment Retreat
for women preparing to transition into mamahood

through birth, adoption, or creative projects

: Funded by Kentucky Foundation for Women

Registration Required (Priority given to those of greatest need)
Oct. 17, 2009 Black Acre Nature Preserve 10 am - 4 pm

Call: (502)432-6324