Girlhood to Womanhood Empowerment Retreat May 14, 2011

Do you have a daughter that you'd like to celebrate and support
as she makes her way into womanhood? 

Then, this is for her. 
Women’s Rites Kentucky announces a Young Women's Rite of Passage Empowerment Retreat

FREE for 5th grade girls and up
(Funded by Kentucky Foundation for Women)
Through storytelling, sharing, and art, we’ll empower the time of intense changes that young women experience.   See photos of last year's retreat below

Participating girls will be accompanied by their mother or support woman.

Registration Required      Transportation Available Upon Request.
May 14, 2011   10am-5pm   Black Acre Nature Preserve    Louisville, Ky.

E-mail:  or Call: (502) 432-6324 to inquire or register.  
Want more information?  Read on. . .
Girls in the 5th grade and older who have begun to show physical signs of puberty in the past few years are invited to attend the Young Women's Rite of Passage Retreat.  We will celebrate this time of intense physical and emotional changes for them in a special way. Young women are invited to come with their mothers, grandmothers, or support person(s). These are the thundering years for young women and they should be supported as they explore what it means to find their way.  Adult women who never had this sacred transition honored in their youth are also welcome to attend as maidens.  Support persons are available for those who need them. 

Let's help create a culture where a girl excitedly tells her mother that her time has come, and her mother gathers older women in the community to pass on some of their knowledge to her to celebrate this event through creativity and sisterhood.

The retreat will include pampering, sharing, spoken word performances, red tent sharing of biological information, art projects (soul collages), celebration, and two shared meals.

The best part of all?  It's FREE, thanks to a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. 

Interested in participating or want more information? E-mail or call Jen at (502) 432-6324

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