Maiden Rite of Passage - Feb. 20th, 2010

Mothers, aunts, and grandmothers shower their girls with pampering (dyeing hands red with beets, cornmeal footscrub, massage, hair braiding, etc.)

Then, all gather in the red tent for the Grandmothers Story Song.

The power of story is felt by women and girls alike.

A meditation grounds all.

A handmade red medicine pouch necklace is gifted to each girl.

Women's wisdom is shared in circle.

The Charge of the Four Directions is spoken to the girls, and tokens are given to the girls for medicine pouches.

Girls do an art project in silence, while sponsors write a letter to their girls.

Mothers call the full name of each girl to walk under the red bridge.

Sponsors cut of a tiny braid of hair to signify the end of girlhood, and young women receive their medicine pouch necklace and a rose as they begin their journeys.

Everyone celebrates with a meal and red velvet cake. Welcome to womanhood, young maidens!

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