Wise Woman, Croning Retreat: Celebrating the Elder Woman May 8, 2010

The Wise Woman retreat honored the passage of women age 56 or older into the third stage of womanhood. Women who had passed through menopause (or hysterectomy) and are now holding their power within, had the opportunity to personally reclaim the once-honored designation of crone, by celebrating their transition into wise womanhood. During this retreat, participants used their inner guidance and those of their peers to guide their journey of this rite of passage.

My spunky 90-year old grandmother shared with me that it wasn't until her last phase of life, after 50 years of marriage, raising five children and numerous grandchildren, that she felt like she found her life's purpose in teaching adult classes. This retreat hoped to encourage others to share their wisdom.

The retreat included: socializing, Grandmother's Story Song performance, Wise Woman Sharing Circle, a labyrinth meditation walk, creation of grandmothers flags, walking the bridge to wise womanhood, and a celebratory meal.

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